Automatic Transmission

Looking after your automatic car has never been easier with our automatic transmission servicing. Automatic and semi-automatic gearboxes are becoming more popular as they can provide increased performance, however, they are very complex units that are often ignored and can be very expensive to repair. We use specialist equipment to enable us to service and perform 100% fluid changes on automatic gearboxes at affordable prices. To book an appointment call us today on 01380 871022.

Did You Know That You Should Have Your Automatic Transmission Oil Changed Every 40,000 Miles?

Yes, that is right. Some manufacturers suggest having your automatic gearboxes ATF fluid changed as early as 40,000 miles. An oil change will keep your gearbox in good condition and prevent internal damage occurring which can lead to expensive mechanical repairs in the future.

How Can You Tell If Your Automatic Transmission Needs a Fluid Change?

Your vehicle will present symptoms which can indicate that a fluid change is needed. They include:

  • Vibrations felt inside the car when the gears change
  • Noisy gear changes
  • Difficulty to reverse and move from park to drive settings
  • Delayed or slow gearshifts
Launch ATF 501S

We use the Launch ATF 501S machine that provides the best solution for changing automatic transmission fluid. The machine provides a much more advanced oil change compared to the traditional method of draining oil from the sump plug. The machine runs a flushing detergent through the gearbox and will replace 100% of the oil capacity. Without this equipment, there is no guarantee that the oil has been fully replaced.

What Are The Benefits of ATF Oil Service?

The ATF oil service can help to rejuvenate your automatic transmission. Benefits include:

  • Noticeably reduced transmission vibrations and noise
  • Smoother changing of gears
  • Gear selection is easier
  • Faster upshift when the car accelerates
  • Future proof your transmission from damage

Book an Appointment

To book an appointment for automatic transmission repairs or ATF fluid change, please call us on 01380 871022. A member of our helpful and friendly team will be able to offer sound advice and book your car in for a time and date to suit you.