Vehicle Air Conditioning Near Trowbridge

If your vehicle’s air conditioning is blowing warm air, your vehicle could do with car air conditioning servicing. We can service air conditioning units in all types of vehicles including cars, motorhomes, light commercials and 7.5-tonne trucks. Whether you need your air con checking, regassing, servicing or repairing, we do it all at competitive rates. If you are searching for a local garage to service your vehicle air conditioning near Trowbridge, then call us on 01380 871022.

What Does a Car Air Conditioning Service Include?

Our car air conditioning service is comprehensive and completed by fully trained technicians. We offer this service on a wide range of vehicles and every service includes the following:

How Long Does Air-Con Servicing Take?

The process involved in servicing your vehicle’s air conditioning unit usually takes around 45 minutes to one hour, depending on the type of vehicle. You are welcome to relax in our waiting room while we complete the service.

How Often Does My Air Conditioning Need Regassing?

This depends on the type of vehicle and your usage; however, most manufacturers will recommend servicing the system every 12 to 24 months. Your vehicle’s air con may need servicing more regularly, and if it does you should notice symptoms of a failing system easily. These include warmer air being blown from the system, odours and leaks.

We Work with All Types of Air Conditioning Gases

Since 2017 it is law that new cars only use R1234yf (also known as HFO-1234yf) air conditioning gas. This is because it has less impact on the environment. Air con units in older vehicles will use R134a gas. 

At Hinton Services, we understand that it is essential to provide top quality services for all of our customers. That is why we’ve invested in training our technicians to be certified and qualified to work on both types of air conditioning gases. In fact, there are very few garages in the area which can work on R1234YF gas because of the high cost for the necessary equipment. We believe in providing the very best service for our customers and as such have invested in the right equipment. So, for professional air conditioning regassing at competitive prices, visit Hinton Services.

Contact Hinton Services

To arrange for our local garage to service your vehicle air conditioning near Trowbridge, call us on 01380 871022. We can arrange an appointment to suit your schedule. We can offer quotes over the phone, so to find out about our competitive prices, contact us today.