Car Repair Near Trowbridge

If you need car repair in Trowbridge and the surrounding areas of Wiltshire, visit Hinton Services for the best repair services at competitive prices. Our garage services include brakes, suspensions, clutches, exhausts, engine, fuel injector repairs, and more. All work is completed by qualified technicians that have many years of experience in mechanical engineering. To get a quote or book your vehicle in for car repair, call us on 01380 871022.


It is essential to ensure your brakes are working efficiently. If you think your brakes need inspecting or replacing, contact us for a fast service at low prices. We can replace brakes on all types of vehicles and where possible we will use O.E parts or better. Our brake repair services include:

  • Visual inspection of your vehicle’s braking system to check for performance, leaks, wear and seizure
  • Replacement of brake discs, pads, shoes and any other components
  • Check of brake fluid and top up or replace as necessary

Brake Disc Skimming

If you are having your brake pads replaced, we recommend having your brake discs skimmed at the same time. We especially advise you have this done if you have an MOT advisory on your discs, as this can save you money because you will not need to replace the discs.

Overtime brake discs can become worn meaning that the surface is not completely smooth. When this happens the brake pads do not have 100% contact with the disc. Getting your discs skimmed will mean that the surface of the disc is completely smooth, therefore your brake pads will achieve 100% contact. This maximises brake performance and can reduce stopping distances significantly.

Exhaust Repairs

If you suspect exhaust damage, visit us for professional exhaust repairs that won’t break the bank. We offer comprehensive exhaust repairs that can save you money. Whether you need welding, rust repairs, flexi-pipe replacement or a completely new exhaust system fitted, we can help.

Exhaust Damage

There are many symptoms associated with exhaust damage. They include:

  • Low hanging pipework
  • Visible rust and corrosion
  • Rattling sound
  • The smell of fumes within the vehicle
  • Unexpected smoke or excessive emissions coming from the exhaust pipe

Clutch Replacement

If you have noticed difficulty in changing gear, you may require clutch replacement.  We can replace clutches on all types of vehicles including cars, 4x4s and light commercial vehicles. We have invested in the right equipment to ensure gearboxes and clutches can be removed and then replaced safely without damaging other engine parts. Contact us if you experience any issues such as:

  • Grinding when changing gear
  • Spongy or sticking clutch pedal
  • Poor acceleration when revving the engine
  • Noises coming from clutch pedal
  • Slipping clutch

Suspension Repairs

Worn suspension will not only mean that your ride is not so smooth, but it can also cause other more serious problems such as drifting, front end dipping and can also cause uneven tyre wear.

If you suspect suspension damage visit Hinton Services for a check-up. We can inspect your suspension system and recommend the best repair solution. Whether you need your shocks replacing or you require complete strut assembly replacement, we offer affordable repairs.

Fuel Injector Repairs

Whether your vehicle has a traditional fuel injector or a direct fuel injector, it can become faulty due to build-up of carbon deposits and dirt clogging the system. It can also suffer from leaks from degraded rubber seals or cracks in the injector unit. If you think your fuel injector needs repairing, speak to the professionals at Hinton Services.

Signs of a Faulty Fuel Injector

There are various signs that your vehicle has a faulty fuel injector. They include:


  • Issues starting the vehicle
  • Poor idling
  • Noticeable increase in fuel consumption
  • Smoke from the exhaust
  • Smell of fuel inside and outside the vehicle


Engine Repairs

We offer a wide range of engine repairs. They include:


  • Cambelt & timing belt replacements
  • Head gasket repairs
  • Replacement turbochargers and fuel injectors
  • Diesel particulate filter changes
  • Replacement spark plugs
  • Engine replacement
  • Radiator and cooling repairs
  • Engine diagnostics
  • And much more


Contact Hinton Services

For more information about our vehicle and car repairs near Trowbridge, please do not hesitate to contact us on 01380 871022.