Car Servicing Near Trowbridge

For car servicing near Trowbridge at competitive prices, visit Hinton Services. We have a fully equipped garage that provides all the services you need under one roof. Whether you need a service before a long journey, or you require interim, full or major servicing, we offer professional services that match those expected from the main dealership. To book your vehicle in, please call us on 01380 871022.

Vehicle Servicing

We offer vehicle servicing for all makes and model of vehicle. From cars through to light commercials and 7.5-tonne trucks, we offer professional servicing at lower prices than main dealerships. All vehicle servicing is performed by experienced and qualified technicians. Furthermore, we follow manufacturers’ servicing schedules so that any remaining warranty is preserved. Our servicing includes:

One Off Servicing

One-off servicing includes visual inspections, oil and air filter replacements and light-bulb replacements as required. A person might request a one-off service before a long journey for reassurance.

Interim Servicing

Our interim service is recommended every 6 months. It checks many aspects including checks for body damage, oil filter and air filter change, lubrication of parts, checking of fluid levels, checks for leaks and examination of brakes, exhaust and tyre condition. 

Full Servicing

Our full service covers a wider range of checks and is recommended every 12 months. It covers everything included in an interim service and also checks over many other components such as radiator, coolant hoses, alternator, gearbox fluid, the entire braking system, wheel bearings and more. 

Major Servicing

Major servicing is recommended every 12 to 24 months and includes many aspects covered in a full service plus other items such as replacement of cabin filter, bleeding of brake system, replacing brake fluid and testing of alternator charging.

Bespoke Servicing

We offer bespoke servicing for customers who may be worried about the performance and reliability of their vehicle. If you have a particular concern, then bring your vehicle to us. We will discuss your concerns, inspect your vehicle and provide an affordable repair solution.

We Can Save You Money

When you get your car serviced at Hinton Services, you not only benefit from professional services, we can also service your vehicle to the same high standards you would expect from the dealership.

We can save you money as our servicing can follow your vehicle manufacturers schedule which will protect any remaining warranty, however, our prices are much more competitive. Furthermore, all work is performed by qualified technicians and we will use recommended O.E replacement parts for complete peace of mind.

Local Collection & Delivery Service

If you live locally, we can offer a collection and drop off service to save you time and hassle. We can collect your car in the morning from your workplace or home and return it back to you once all the work is completed.

Contact Hinton Services

For more information about our car servicing near Trowbridge or to book your car in, please contact Hinton Services. We offer reliable servicing at competitive prices. Call 01380 871022.