Car Diagnostics Near Trowbridge

If your dash lights are lit up to indicate an issue, or you just have a feeling there is something wrong with your car, visit us for car diagnostics near Trowbridge at competitive prices. Using the latest modern high tech diagnostics equipment, we can identify faults and recommend suitable repairs. To book your vehicle in, call us now on 01380 871022.

What is Car Diagnostics?

Car diagnostics involves using specialist equipment to read data on your vehicle’s ECU (engine control unit). All modern vehicles will have an ECU fitted. There are sensors placed around the vehicle that send information to the ECU. If there is a problem the lights on the instrument panel will light up to indicate that there is an issue.

We use the very best diagnostics equipment to diagnose problems with your vehicle. As a result, we can quickly identify any problems. It is important that if you suspect you require diagnostics, you arrange for a check-up straight away. Ignoring potential faults can lead to further damage and higher repair bills.

Once we diagnose the fault, we will let you know the type of repair work that your car needs to fix the problem. All our repair services are competitively priced and completed by fully trained and experienced technicians.

Benefits of Computerised Car Diagnostics


  • Accurately identifies problems fast, so you can save on labour costs
  • Our technicians are fully trained to interpret results data
  • Identifying faults early means the fault can be repaired. As a result, this can save you money on large repair bills that would occur if the fault was left to deteriorate further
  • We can perform pre-purchase diagnostic checks, so you know what condition a car is in before purchasing it

Contact Hinton Services

For more information about our car diagnostics near Trowbridge or to book an appointment, then please call us on 01380 871022. We can arrange a suitable date and time for your vehicle to be checked over. In addition, if you are local it is possible that we may be able to collect and drop off your vehicle.